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Tissue is pink after i whipe myself

Why is there blood when i wipe? - Yahoo!.

Burning urination, pressure when urinating, slimy discharge, pink spotting. What does this mean? I have burning when I urinate and alot of pressure (feeling like I

Imperfectly Beautiful: How to Make Tissue.

Tissue is pink after i whipe myself

Pink and Paper When i pee and wipe myself i have a.

Tissue is pink after i whipe myself

Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative.

pink wallpaper HP DeskJet 1220C Prints only Pink & Black. After urinating i wipe wit a tissue.
Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine Research, News and Education. PTEI has been a leader of the fast-growing sector of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue

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    29.10.2008  Best Answer: when there is blood in bowel movements, on the toilet paper after wiping, or in the toilet bowl water is referred to as rectal bleeding
    After urinating i wipe wit a tissue paper, and there was a small stain of blood on the tissue paper. Its only 3rd day of the month & my mentruation is
    Pink Toilet Paper .